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You have likely asked yourself these questions

  • Is this the right time pass my wealth to my children? When should I start planning?
  • How to secure the future for my grandchildren? How many generations can my wealth last?
  • How to make sure my business can continue to flourish if I start passing my wealth over?
  • I forgot what I have bought for my investments. Can someone help me?
  • Where do other people get inspiration on investment ideas?
  • Can I have more control over my wealth?
  • Do I need a tax consultant?
  • Am I getting the best advice?
  • Why is my private account taking so long to open?
  • Is this the right time to invest?
  • Should I go for higher or lower risk?
  • Should I ask my friends?

Heritage Mastercard®

You Deserve To Have


Our Distinctive Heritage Mastercard® for Your World-wide Use

  • Heritage card is accepted worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard® sign
  • Special discounts and offers from worldwide stores
  • A Mastercard® that does not require income proof or credit evaluation
  • No Annual Fee or Administration Fee
  • No Activation needed, can be used as soon as you receive it

G-Fortune Club (GFC)

Premium Services include and not limited to:
  • Free Registration for Club Activities
  • Admission to “By Invitation Only” Events
  • Exclusive gift offers
  • Airport pick-up services
  • Hotel booking services
  • Body check booking services
  • Other personalised services

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