Clarification Announcement

PC Securities Financial Group Limited (the “Group”) noted that recently there is a company named PCS Asset Management and a website named 寶鉅交易 (

The Group hereby clarifies that PCS Asset Management aforementioned is not the Group and does not have any relationship with the Group. In addition, PCS Asset Management is not a subsidiary or an associate of the Group, and the Group does not hold any interest in PCS Asset Management. To the best knowledge of the Group, the Group does not have any connection or cooperation with PCS Asset Management. Hence, the recruitment of PCS Asset Management is not related to our Group.

Further, the website of 寶鉅交易 is not holding and operating by our Group. Our Group wishes to remind our clients never access such fraudulent websites or provide any personal information to such fraudulent websites. Clients are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid website. The Group website address is ( and the Securities Trading website is (

Our Group reserves all rights to pursue further legal actions.

If there are any queries, please contact our Customer Service Department.

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We committed to collecting the properties with excellent investment value for you and providing you with the most appropriate suggestions based on your risk appetite and returns target, so as to ensure that your assets will keep its value and growth. We would also provide one-stop leasing services and real estate information worldwide that save your time in management the properties. Besides, we offer investment immigration services in which we can plan the future with you.

Overseas property all over

UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia



Hong Kong





We provide immigration services in different regions and offer the most suitable immigration solutions by understanding the clients' needs. Moreover, we conduct financial and asset planning for our clients to achieve financial goals and a better quality of life.

Immigration services include

Singapore Family Office

Taiwan Investment Immigration

Portugal Investment Immigration

Spain Investment Immigration

Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport Program

For more details, please contact our relationship manager.

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