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We committed to providing a comprehensive one-stop personal service for individual investors. People can simply call our professional consultants for the most updated strategies or to arrange transaction.


In the age of internet finance, we provide an innovative securities trading system which facilitates people to make transactions on worldwide products at anytime, anywhere.


We keep the customers updated on market and account situation ranging by providing time-saving and safety stock transaction, online real-time quotes, daily transaction advices to monthly statement.


Numerous functions including instant access and update on investment portfolio, real-time quote service, the latest financial news and information are all at your fingertips.


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    To pursue a win-win situation among PC Securities Limited and its clients, our corporate mission always runs parallel to your benefit. And we are ready to give the best service upon your request.

    Apart from trading and investment consultant services, our mission is to advocate investor education in order to help clients conduct rational investment plans.

  • With the brand-new style of stability and creativity.

    To open up the new prospect of global asset management.


Operating in accordance with related regulations all over the world


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