Clarification Announcement

PC Securities Financial Group Limited (the “Group”) noted that recently there is a company named PCS Asset Management and a website named 寶鉅交易 (

The Group hereby clarifies that PCS Asset Management aforementioned is not the Group and does not have any relationship with the Group. In addition, PCS Asset Management is not a subsidiary or an associate of the Group, and the Group does not hold any interest in PCS Asset Management. To the best knowledge of the Group, the Group does not have any connection or cooperation with PCS Asset Management. Hence, the recruitment of PCS Asset Management is not related to our Group.

Further, the website of 寶鉅交易 is not holding and operating by our Group. Our Group wishes to remind our clients never access such fraudulent websites or provide any personal information to such fraudulent websites. Clients are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid website. The Group website address is ( and the Securities Trading website is (

Our Group reserves all rights to pursue further legal actions.

If there are any queries, please contact our Customer Service Department.

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Orchestra of Taiwan Guan-Yin Junior High School

Taiwan Guan-Yin Junior High School is a rural school in Taoyuan. The equipment in the school are aging. More than half of the students are underprivileged. This result in low academic achievement. In spite of this, the school formed an orchestra to cater the interest in music of its students, even in times of financial constraints. Due to limited funding, the school\'s orchestra instruments are obsolete and kept for more than ten years. Some of them can not be repaired, students therefore can only share the instrument. PC learned about the situation in Guan-Yin Junior High School and realized that music is important for the growth of a child. It plays a decisive role in nurturing talents and human resources for society. PC then gives our helping hands immediately and invested 100,000 NTD to purchase musical instruments for the school. We hope that by improving the equipment of the school orchestra, students can learn more about music, develop their potential and achieve a sense of accomplishment without worries, so as to change their life.

Nanao Primary School, Yi-Lan

PC always devotes much attention to support and grow with the schools, including not only aesthetic education, but also sports. Nanao Primary School, Yi-Lan is a tribal school nestled next to the mountain and famous for promoting heritage of traditional in Atayal. The school has been sparing no effort in the development of sports activities and have achieved successes in all kinds of competitions. In order to allow students to better results and move on to a better place, the school set out the dream of going abroad with their students. In view of the outstanding results in the 29th Delfin Basket Tournament in 2016, Nanao Primary School is looking forward to continuing its participation in the 30th Delfin Basket Tournament in 2017. However, they have no funds on hand. Knowing that the program of basketball training for students in Nanao Primary School is very detailed and the budget is reasonable, PC decided to generously sponsor this competition in the hope of enabling the school students to broaden their views and develop their physically and mentally health so as to play an important role for the society in the future.

Tai O Kindergarten

PC has always been eager to educate children. Not only set up children\'s activity rooms in Hong Kong office, but also cares about the growth of employees and clients’ children. PC also spreads love and caring to other places in Hong Kong. Christian & Missionary Alliance Tai O Kindergarten is a 55-year-old kindergarten. Over the years, the school has built a caring culture and focused on the needs of children at different stages of their studies. The kindergarten has a good reputation and are deeply trusted and supported by parents. Due to the long history of the kindergarten, the school buildings became very neglected. The floor in the kindergarten are broken. Students are easily to fall and be injured in class. Teachers are also limited in preparation and planning of physical activities. In view of this, the kindergarten has repeatedly quotes for repairs or replacements. However, due to the financial problem, these maintenance and replacement projects have not been put on the agenda, and the safety of children was very precarious. In order to solve these problems, PC supports and helps the kindergarten to rebuild classrooms and improve the learning and living environment for the children. PC thinks that the environment of the kindergarten is not only beneficial to the existing students, but also to parents, and even the society in Tai O district, which has profound meaning.

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