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PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd.

Established in 2016, PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd. is a licensed corporation under Monetary Authority of Singapore to carry regulated activities in Singapore. We are a financial consulting and registered fund manager with years of experience with serving an exclusive group of high-net-worth clients to provide them with premium wealth creation and management solutions. We fulfill our clients´ needs with expertise, outstanding service quality, innovation and flexibility. We are committed to serve our clients with integrity and unparalleled insights, enabling them to enhance their quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. Through the network and resources from our group, we provide niche services and pride ourselves in being more than a private bank. We consider ourselves a new breed of wealth manager who will be able to achieve your dreams by being a good steward of your wealth. We are committed to excellence and innovation, pioneering in service and product offerings as well as contributing to the advancement of industry standards. More>>

PC iFAST Holding (SG) Pte. Ltd.

PC iFAST Holding (SG) Pte. Ltd., established in 2016, is the holding company of PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd., is an associated company of iFAST Corporation Limited. iFAST Financial Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of iFAST Corporation Limited, provides platform services to us. With the strong and continued support of our parent companies, clients can be assured that we will uphold the same values and commitment to our clients for the years to come.

PC Securities Limited

PC Securities Limited established in 2014, is a participant of HKEX and a licensed corporation under HKSFC (CE No.: BDC354) with Type 1, 4 & 9 licenses to carry regulated activities, including dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management in Hong Kong. Through its secure and robust trading platforms and the trading app, “PC Stock Trader ” , PC Securities dedicates to provide you the best in town investment experience. PC Securities also provides a wide range of financial products and services, e.g. HK Shares, A-Shares,  US Shares, Bonds, IPOs, CIES, etc. which aims to become your flexible and reliable investment partner. More>>

PC Asset Management Limited

PC Asset Management Limited established in 2016, offers a wide range of global investment products and services, includes investment funds management and discretionary portfolio management services for individuals, advisors and institutions. Our investment professionals strive to provide you with diverse asset classed, includes hedge funds, bond funds, property funds, potential portfolio funds, etc., together with superior asset performance so as to maximize your potential returns and meet your needs in different stages of life.

Paochu Investment Advisory Limited

Paochu Investment Advisory Limited established in 2009, is a licensed corporation under HKSFC (CE No.: ASZ513) with Type 4 & 9 licenses to carry regulated activities, include advising on securities and asset management in Hong Kong. Paochu Investment Advisory Limited strives to meet your financial targets, goal or strategies through high quality, value-added portfolio asset management. The investment experts and investment research team of Paochu Investment Advisory Limited pursues absolute return by developing quantitative models with practical and risk management. More>>

Paochu Management Services Limited (PC Immigration)

Paochu Management Services Limited established in 2013, provides professional and thoughtful immigration consulting services, not only to handle the visa application, include eligibility assessment, procedures explanation, preparation and submission of documents etc., but also to take care of your life and future plan after immigration, include children’s education, properties arrangement and financial planning etc. Paochu Management Services Limited also offers the Saint Kitts, Nevis and Vanuatu passport project. In 2019, Paochu Management Services Limited launched "PC Immigration", which is focusing on Taiwan immigration services.

PC International (HK) Limited

PC International (HK) Limited established in 2009, and obtains license from Insurance Authority (Insurance Broker Company Licenses No.:FB1572). Being one of the largest insurance brokers in Asia, PC International (HK) Limited not only has a strong industry network that partnership with many well-known insurance companies, but also provides a wide range of insurance products to meet the needs of different clients. Remarkable quality and excellent service results at good prestige of PC International (HK) Limited which can be proven by the awards obtained in the industry for years. Strictly follow the principle of PCSFG, being customer-oriented, PC International (HK) Limited dedicates to provides you the best protection and financial services which fit you most. More>>

Paochu Wealth Management Limited

Paochu Wealth Management Limited established in 2007, is an appointed insurance agent of FWD, one of the largest life insurers in Hong Kong. We dedicates to providing you with the most diversified insurance products and tailor-made wealth management services. With the required licenses, the professional agents in Paochu Wealth Management Limited provide you with reliable, intimate and value-added service.

Xiang Chu Consulting (Shanghai) Limited

Xiang Chu Consulting (Shanghai) Limited established in 2012, provides one-stop management consulting services for individuals and institutions in China. We committed to provide a series of value-added services which helps you to sustain and expand your business in the competitive environment. Our mission is to become your most reliable partner with our excellent services.

Bao Yuan Finance Limited (BY Finance)

Bao Yuan Finance Limited (BY Finance) established in 2015, is a finance company formally established under the Hong Kong Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Bao Yuan Finance Limited (BY Finance) uses its ample resources and professional experience to provide the properties owners with speedy, convenience, and sincere property loan service. 

Recently, PCSFG focus on its credit service business and set up Bao Yuan Finance Limited (BY Finance). With its diversified products and services, PCSFG has acquired a wide range of credit and real estate related information and network, strive in developing a speedy, convenience and brand new platform between banks and other financial institutions to provide professional, flexible and sincere property loan services to customers. More>>

Tse Chu Management Consultants Company Limited

Tse Chu Management Consultants Company Limited established in 2015, is the franchisee of Century 21, one of the largest real estate companies in Taiwan, to provide real estate services. With its solid experience in immigration service, Tse Chu Management Consultants dedicates to provide you with the most professional and excellent services for overseas study, immigration, and global properties. More>>

G-Fortune Club (GFC)

G-Fortune Club (GFC) is designed exclusively for PC’s high valued customers. With unique benefits and personalized services, G-Fortune Club is your passport to a world of unforgettable experiences. As our valued G-Fortune Club member, you can look forward to exclusive privileges and premium services that appeal to your discerning lifestyle and palate. A world of privileges, rewards and benefits awaits you and your family.

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