Clarification Announcement

PC Securities Financial Group Limited (the “Group”) noted that recently there is a company named PCS Asset Management and a website named 寶鉅交易 (

The Group hereby clarifies that PCS Asset Management aforementioned is not the Group and does not have any relationship with the Group. In addition, PCS Asset Management is not a subsidiary or an associate of the Group, and the Group does not hold any interest in PCS Asset Management. To the best knowledge of the Group, the Group does not have any connection or cooperation with PCS Asset Management. Hence, the recruitment of PCS Asset Management is not related to our Group.

Further, the website of 寶鉅交易 is not holding and operating by our Group. Our Group wishes to remind our clients never access such fraudulent websites or provide any personal information to such fraudulent websites. Clients are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid website. The Group website address is ( and the Securities Trading website is (

Our Group reserves all rights to pursue further legal actions.

If there are any queries, please contact our Customer Service Department.

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Bright Future


PC Securities Financial Group

Obtains Caring Company 2017-2021 from the
Hong Kong Council of Social Service for
four consecutive years

PC Financial (SG) Ltd. Pte.
Obtains Capital Market Service License (No. CMS101106)
by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
which allows to perform fund management activities

Bright Future


PCSFG Investment Inc. (CA)
sets up in Toronto, Canada
to expand business to North America

PC Xincheng Holdings (SG) Pte. Ltd.
establishes and focuses on Singapore family office
and other immigration services

Bright Future


PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd.
obtains "Wealth & Finance Asia Pacific Awards"
from Mediazone's Most Valuable
Companies Awards 2020

PC Securities Financial Group
obtains "Most Innovative Fund Management
Company Hong Kong 2019" from
International Finance Awards 2019 by
UK’s International Finance Publications Limited

obtains HKMOL 2019 -
Most Trust Financial & Wealth Management
from Corphub

obtains Caring Company 2017-2019 from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in two consecutive years

PC Immigratgion
(Paochu Management Services Limited)

launches and focuses on
Singapore, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain,
Saint Kitts, Nevis and Vanuatu immigration services



PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd.
becomes a registered fund manager in Singapore

PC Securities Financial Group
obtains "The Most Outstanding
Securities Financial Group" from
the "Most Outstanding Enterprise
Awards 2018" by CORPHUB

grand opening in Jakarta, Indonesia
expands business to Southeast Asia

obtains "Outstanding Financial Services Awards"
from Quamnet Outstanding
Enterprise Awards 2018



Paochu Wealth Management Limited
becomes exclusive corporate agent of FWD

PC Securities Limited
launches "PC Stock Trader" app

PC Securities Financial Group
obtains "Nobel Laureate Series Excellence
Awards" from Social Enterprise
Research Academy

sets up G-Fortune Club (GFC) to provide exclusive privileges and premium services



PC Securities Limited
obtains SFC Type 4,9 license (CE No. BDC354)

PC Financial (SG) Ltd. Pte.
obtains license from
Monetary Authority of Singapore
for financial consulting (No. FA100062)

PC Asset Management Limited
sets up to provide
investment funds management and
discretionary portfolio management services



Paochu Wealth Management Limited
becomes exclusive corporate agent of FTLife

BY Finance
sets up for mortgage services

Tse Chu Management Consultants Company Limited
sets up to provide global immigration and properties services



PC Securities Limited
sets up and obtains SFC Type 1 license (CE No. BDC354)



Paochu Management Service Limited
sets up to provide professional immigration services



Xiang Chu Consulting (Shanghai) Limited
sets up for business management consulting service in China

launches VIP services in WeChat
for instant communication

Paochu Investment Advisory Limited
obtains HKSFC Type 9 license (CE No. ASZ513)



Paochu Investment Advisory Limited
sets up and obtains SFC Type 4 license (CE No. ASZ513)



PC International (HK) Limited
sets up and obtains
Insurance Broker Company License (No. FB1572)



Paochu Wealth Management Limited
sets up for global asset management business

Smart Starter


Paochu Asset Management Corporation
becomes strategic partner and master agent of Skandia,
previously known as Old Mutual
(One of the Fortune 500 companies) in Taiwan

Smart Starter


Paochu Asset Management Corporation
sets up in Taipei

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